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The Future-Engage-Deliver (FED) framework was developed by Steve Radcliffe, one of one of Europe’s top leadership experts.  The Times Newspaper described FED as: ‘The no-nonsense approach shaking up the world of leadership’ and the book of FED – ‘Leadership Plain & Simple’ – is Amazon’s top rated leadership book.

FED is a simple, powerful and effective framework that can be applied by anyone, at any level of any organisation to make a bigger difference immediately. It doesn’t require special skills, talents or attributes, it’s not restricted to people with specific personalities or characteristics and it isn’t exclusively for people in specific positions or certain job titles. FED simply liberates everyone to be the purposeful, resourceful and effective leader and influencer that they were meant to be simply by:

  • Putting them in touch with a FUTURE that they really care about
  • Having them ENGAGE others in building that future, inviting them to contribute their own energy, ideas and sense of possibility in designing it; and
  • Mutually supporting each other, working together to DELIVER the future whilst increasing the organisation’s capacity to deliver even more later.

All of our clients – which include private, public and charitable organisations – report significant positive shifts in leadership behaviour and a clear impact on results following our work with them. Asked why they think FED works, our clients tend to highlight 4 key aspects:

  • it’s deliberately ‘plain and simple’. Too many people make leadership seem complex and only for a chosen few but FED is easy to understand and allows people to recognise immediately how their leadership can make a difference;
  • it helps people connect deeply and quickly with what they care about and what they need to pay attention to in order to be a great leader;
  • it’s immediately practical. People learn to live and apply new behaviours and have different conversations straight away;
  •  it creates a common language for leadership. This is essential where teams are looking to sustain a shift in leadership.

Whilst each intervention is bespoke to each client, FED consistently delivers the same results:

  • People become more engaged in who they are being as well as what they are doing and as a result become more inspiring and motivational to those around them;
  • Leadership conversations change. People flex their style, their language and their behaviour to help develop others;
  • Teams start to lead for ‘the whole’, not just their part. In this way people grow their sense of responsibility and accountability;
  • Difficulties and setbacks are handled in an energising and positive way;
  • The focus on developing leadership across the organisation becomes much stronger;
  • Relationships become a foundation for success. Feedback is invited and welcomed and people become bolder, more challenging and more supportive.  We recognise, however, that the true measure of success for any intervention is the degree to which it becomes self-sustaining. In line with FED principles we help leaders to take responsibility for their continued leadership growth and practice by setting up ongoing support and challenge networks and informal coaching relationships in order to make their leadership live and breathe until the simple principles embodied by FED ‘ become the day job’.

FED is the most powerful, effective and efficient way to grow your individual and organisational leadership.  That is why much of my leadership development work is based on the fantastic Future-Engage-Deliver (FED)  framework and is delivered with my brilliant colleagues at Steve Radcliffe & Associates.  You can find out more about the SRA team here.

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